Apparently Black Women, We Actually Are Our Hair…



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Black women are unequivocally the most controversial humans on earth and it starts with our hair.  From the moment when we are little girls getting braids, ponytails, kinky afros tamed with tight headbands, burned with hot combs, and eventually even more burned with chemicals, our hair defines us.  I remember loving my braids with the beads on the end. Hearing them clack together.  Some of my friends got jerl curls but that didn’t look very appealing to me the way it always dripped with liquid.  In the 5th grade, all my friends had relaxers while I still had ponytails with barretts on the ends.  I remember one of my classmates leaning over and telling me that my clothes were always nice and stylish but my hair always looked a mess.  She told me I needed a perm.  I was freakin 10!

I became self-conscious about my natural curly, wavy, poofy…

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