Ain’t This Heavy? (Pardon, “Skip” Gates.)


No surprise here:

Many children of hetero* parents in the United States of America are reared without their biological fathers in their lives, or with them partially in their lives; and a combination of factors — father’s fault, mother’s fault, government’s fault — figures in the perpetual breakdown of the American family. However, never are the children to blame.

Now for the heavy:

Many Black Americans and other Black people born elsewhere in the Americas can count among their not-so-distant great-grandfathers white men who were slaveowners — scores of whom sold their own infants into slavery.

Examine your surname and those of your recent ancestors, and, except for those surnames passed down through voluntary interracial unions (read:  non-slave-and-master sexual violence [read:  rape]), why not mull over how fucked-up colonial American and antebellum family values really were?  Then think about what’s really in a name and how rooted your dignity really is.  And hug, HUg, HUG, and love, listen to, respect and PROTECT your children a lot more deeply from these words forward.

*Footnote: Many gay and lesbian parents desire children but continue to struggle for equal rights, such as to marry and to receive domestic-partner benefits. As the years go by, their parenting has proven to be stable. What must be remembered: Without Black people in the U.S.A. launching the fight for civil rights — and yes, that struggle became integrated as the civil-rights movement gained momentum — there would be no gay-rights movement and no women’s-rights movement.

© 2014 Chantale Rêve

All Rights Reserved


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