Elegy for Paul Walker


Paul Walker

Paul Walker (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It has taken me nearly two dawns to cough up the words to memorialize you.  Like the title of your second major flick — 2 Fast 2 Furious — you blazed across the screen.  Then, like a fierce star shining brighter and spinning faster than the sun, one that we mere mortals look forward to spotting again and again in the night sky, you flashed out of this life.  How I wish I could’ve watched  live, your diving deep down into a Besson-like le grand bleu. Luc’s ’88 film was a cult classic, and you are, too.  Damn!  Who knew there wouldn’t be enough time.

Time to vent and say to those who told me they hated Into the Blue, not knowing marine biology was your thing from way back — well, they know whom to screw.   Thanks to the rewind function on the remote, and to the DVR, for you dove and dove and drove me and lots of other chicks (and dudes) craaaazy.  Yet in the end, you were in the passenger seat headed for a fiery sun.

California-dreamy, you won us over with your art and smart-ass smile.  We’ll miss your retro-cool style.  Perhaps it was the sparkle in your eyes — especially in Noël, opposite Penelope Cruz — or that reserved sensuality, but I always thought of you as the 21st-century Steve McQueen, whom we also lost too soon many moons ago.   Like the greatest ones, you died young — and therefore you will always be, in the words of Rod Stewart, forever …

Paul William Walker IV:  Actor and Philanthropist



paul-walker02 (Photo credit: Tim Evanson)


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