A Summer Eternal


Let not this day be bleak,

For no amount of shock and grief,

No deluge of tears can cease

Memories of a voice überspiritual and erotic,

Of a woman damned by hatas for resemblin’ a man

And scorned by others as bein’ too “exotic.”

As we mourn Donna’s passin’,

She’s singin’ at higher frequencies.

Our skin tingles whenever she bends an angel’s ear,

Waxin’ lyrical on faith, love, passion

And how pairin’ romance with dance

Caused lots of babies to “appear.”

Puff, Donna seemed to emerge from thin air,

Bronze Botticellian Venus rockin’ KISS hair

Way back when Eurogrooves had much to prove

Such as it could be sexy to synthesize her

Before makin’ her go pop!

Who can forget Donna’s Muse-chic,

Her beauteous mezzo-soprano

In which gospel informed the goddess

To sermonize to believers and the godless

In one language common to frenzied bodies.

Summer moaned and shrieked,

Summoned forth the dance freak

Who flexed and flaunted his/her physique

Adorned with feathered boa, sequined bodice

Drippin’ in strobe-lit beads of sweat.

We stomped out workweek, school-daze blues

When a drag wasn’t some urban malaise —

Or just for sharin’ herbal cigarettes —

But gaudy guys hustlin’ in brick-thick platform shoes

Or lip-syncin’ to disco libretto in stilettos.

Then as now, Bad Girls and Good Girls,

Broads of a feather, step to the hi-hat  in their halos

Because one day they, you, we all hopefully will go

Where Donna is today,


You are

At the summit,

(“Baby, take me”)

Way up,

(“High up on the hillside”)


(“Where the stallions reach the sun”),

Where the Trinity boogies to A Love Trilogy.

Then, I was so young

That I swore you were praisin’ errant scallions,

But it was OK to lead me astray

Because if beanstalks could reach heavenly altitudes,

So could green onions.

Heaven knows you were pillow-talkin’,

’Bout Trojan horses gallopin’ with passion,

Dreamin’ with your eyes shut on that LP cover

Where you floated on downy clouds in a robin’s-egg blue sky

Like you’d cracked the code of pure ecstasy,

Hoverin’ over a global dance fever.


You had us



As close to God as possible,

Before crashin’,

Dyin’ a little,

But you begged us (on the twelve-inch),

“Hold on … Hold on,”

And we listened,

Our spirits christened,

For you had another verse.

You sounded gentle at first,

Slinkin’ in and out of guitar licks,

Swingin’ on orchestral strings,

Before you screamed and we creamed.

Spinnin’ into partners’ polyester embraces,

We, the syntheses of saints and whores,

Switched our Spandexed and G-strung asses

Every which way on sci-fi dance floors

Beneath shimmerin’ metallic balls

Sparklin’ Champagne lust in our eyes and lower places.

On a silvery night followed by blue lights,

You, Donna, turned Manilow’s bombastic magic

Into an erotic epic,

Sounding orgasmic

On the celestial bridge.

© 2012 Chantale Rêve

All Rights Reserved



The above poem is in memory of Donna Summer Sudano and of her hypnotically sensual performances on the 1976 album A Love Trilogy.

Top photo:  Album cover, A Love Trilogy (Casablanca) by Donna Summer’

Source of top and bottom photos:  Wikipedia

Rest in peace, LaDonna Adrian Gaines

♥♥♥♥♥♥We Loved and Love to Love You♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

 December 31, 1948 – May 17, 2012


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