The Blah-Blah-Blah-Blah Blog remembers a legendary French New Wave pioneer.

Claude Chabrol:  1930-2010

The title La Femme infidèle may or may not ring a bell to many of the American readers of this blog, but the American remake of that 1969 film surely will shake our snow globes.  That updating of La Femme infidèle was titled Unfaithful, starring Diane Lane, Olivier Martínez and Richard Gere.  (Unfaithful was directed by Adrian Lyne, who previously had scared the hell out of us in a different section of Manhattan in Fatal Attraction — about a one-night-stand-gone-wrong.)

A Chabrol film I enjoyed and which taught me a lot about nationalism and class issues in France was Les Biches, set in Saint-Tropez.  I long to see Le Beau Serge, which has been described as being influenced by Hitchcock.


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