Mo’ Media Criticism About Mo’Nique? WTF?! (Plus, Chantale’s Reality TV Picks)


It’s no new news that media types weigh heavily in the court of public opinion, but now the ad whores have gone too far.   These media hounds continue to bait many people — well, those imbeciles incapable of forming their own opinions about a megapopular entertainer — into ganging up on Mo’Nique.  And why?  The media morons and their mindless disciples are taking an uninformed moral high ground in criticizing the outspoken comedienne, talk show host and, now, Oscar-winning actress for her lifestyle choice — namely, for the decision of Mo’Nique and her husband, Sidney Hicks, to enjoy an open marriage.  And to that I ask:  WTF?

This is an outrage.  Some members of the public euphemistically have leveled whorish labels on Mo’, and that ain’t nice.  However, the first part of my blog entry today is addressing another, mo’ recent criticism:  one that may appear trivial to people who choose to ignore the contributions of the many Black actresses who blazed trails in the 20th century.  I’m leveling the label of “trashmouth” on the big-haired celeb who was talking ish about Mo’Nique.

I wish I knew trashmouth’s name, but I had been channel surfing, so WGAF.  But this big-haired trashmouth, during a post-Oscars fashion roundup co-hosted by loudmouth Joan Rivers, criticized Mo’Nique for wearing a flower in her hair.  Another celeb (not Rivers, though) seated near the big-haired trashmouth informed her, and with a serious face, that Mo’Nique was paying tribute to Hattie McDaniel — the first Black actress to win an Academy Award.  This comment, for some incredulous reason, incensed Mo’Nique’s big-haired detractor, who then uttered something stupid, insensitive and unscripted.  Here I paraphrase:  She [Mo’Nique] should’ve worn a sign saying that [about Hattie McDaniel], then.  I’ve set words in boldface where the big-haired trashmouth emphasized what she believed to be funny.  Again, I ask:  WTF?

As I said earlier, I had happened to be channel surfing anyway, so I just took my surfboard to more-tolerant waters.

Now that I’ve gotten that nonsense off my chest, I want to congratulate Mo’Nique upon learning last night that her talk show has been renewed for another season on BET.  I do have issues with certain shows on BET, but no more issues than I have with other media networks for the ways in which Black people are portrayed.  However, I’ve been enjoying “The Mo’Nique Show” tremendously and daily.

In the nearly six months that “The Mo’Nique Show” has been pumping up the airwaves, the formidable, sexy and congenial host has shone the light not only on the hottest new stars but also on those unsung heroes who eventually make it to glory on TVOne’s “Unsung” series.

I’m also very happy to see Mo’, a full-figured woman, blaze some trails of her own:  for example, showing America that there’s more sexiness to feast one’s eyes upon when the vision is that of a plus-size woman.  Witness:  “Mo’Nique’s Fat Chance.”  There’s no runway too narrow for the various sizes in which beauty strikes a pose.  I can hear the song parody now, and this is dedicated to the abundantly voluptuous among us who have lots of confidence to match our great sense of humor:

Ain’t no catwalk frail enough,

Ain’t no spotlights dim enough,

Ain’t no boa tight enough,

To keep me from youuuuu!

And don’t think for a moment that Mo’Nique’s outspokenness on the issue had no bearing on all those wonderful Playtex 18-hour Bra TV commercials.  The first time I watched one of those bosomy ads, I thought it was 3D television, no glasses required.  All I can say to the growing trend is:  Mo’, you go, gurrrl!  (I’m still waiting for the day that those deep-pocketed Madison Avenue execs will make us women giddy by promoting name-brand athletic supports for “full-size” men.  Now, when that day comes, I will invest in a durable pair of 3D glasses.  I’m not anti-feminist; I’m pro-penis.)

For those of you experiencing facial tics every time you see Mo’Nique shake that hair she bought (yeah, yeah, I know the jokes about weaves are old now, but I’ve got to say it:  unbeWEAVable!), stay tuned after “The Mo’Nique Show.”  The weekly parade of wigs on “The Wendy Williams Show” is off da hook — well, in this case, off da mannequin.  lol

Now, I wish that Wendy Williams would keep those wigs to a minimum — or perhaps I’m just envious that I can’t afford any of them.  Then again, I love Wendy for joking about her fab wigs (and her “big girls”) in ways that bring her statuesque self down to the same level as everywoman every day on “The Wendy Williams Show” on BET.  How YOU doowin?

Wendy is an excellent interviewer, a skill that has transferred very well from radio.  Also, any Jersey girl who includes a disco ball in her show’s décor, and a glamorous costumed fan as a permanent prop, is someone who’s — as Janet Jackson once sang — all right with me.  Wendy is, like, Donna Summer, Tyra Banks, Rolonda Watts and Lynda Carter all rolled up into one Badmamajamazonian.  I mention Lynda Carter because Wendy’s show kicks ass in the ratings and because she digs Wonder Woman, as do I.  Don’t believe me?  Check out Wendy’s mug — no, no, I mean her actual mug — when she sits down to discuss “Hot Topics” (the actual title from the gossip portion of her show).

But don’t you dare call “The Wendy Williams Show”  a low-rent “Oprah,” else I’ll spin on the spot and whup your butt with my Wonder Woman belt.  Cue Wendy’s music:  Oooh-wup, oooh-wup!  Oooh-wup, oooh-wup!

Another BET show that’s growing on me is  “The Family Crews,” and that’s saying much because I usually shy away from reality shows.  OK, I’ll admit that I started watching “The Family Crews” and “Kendra!” (yeah, that’s right; I’m admitting to watching that E! show) because the real-life hubbies — Terry Crews and Hank Baskett, respectively — are hellasexy.  And no, I had known nothing about Terry Crews’ former NFL career prior to watching “The Family Crews.”  I had remembered Terry from “Everybody Hates Chris,” Chris Rock’s autobiographical TV sitcom (which runs in syndication on BET), and from the sidesplitting farce White Chicks on the big screen.

In the satirical and Chris Rock-narrated “Everybody Hates Chris,” Terry portrays Chris’ dad; in White Chicks (2004), he plays a Black dude who’s sociopathically fixated on White women.  The scene in White Chicks where Terry starts singing lyric-for-lyric with the song “A Thousand Miles,”  by Vanessa Carlton, is one priceless moment, for that song is treated in this farce as an anthem  for the young White women his character desires.  However, after “A Thousand Miles” became a theme song (no matter how briefly) for NYC’s annual walk to fight breast cancer, I no longer laughed during scenes where the song played — that is, whenever I’d watch the film on cable television.

Getting back to “Kendra!” … Yes, Hank Baskett’s the reason I was drawn to the show in the first place. … No, I don’t “follow football” — only the balls, er, the ball, if I happen to be channel surfing on a lonely Monday night.  That’s exactly how I found out about NFLer Henry “Hank” Randall Baskett III.  And, just as Mo’Nique has her detractors, I’m sure that Kendra Baskett (née Wilkinson) has her criticizers, too, but if the latter watch “Kendra!” they’ll see the former Playboy model in a new light.  This season on “Kendra!” there’s sure to be lots of touching, funny moments as in the March 14 season premiere, which showed mama Kendra and papa Hank enjoying their newborn son, Hank IV, whom they also call “Lil Man.”

In the last season of “Kendra!” of which I viewed only one episode — in which both the pre-wedding drama and the actual wedding were filmed — I found it verrrry interesting that Kendra decided on her brother, and not Hef, giving her away.  Oops, I hope I haven’t spoiled anything for those of you out there who want to watch reruns of last season’s “Kendra!” before you catch up on the new season.  Gotta love that theme song … and the way Hank wears those sweatpants.  In a twist on those Hormel TV commercials, all I can say to the way Hank strikes a “low” profile is:  Go TEAM!!!

Copyright © 2010 By Chantale Reve


4 Responses to “Mo’ Media Criticism About Mo’Nique? WTF?! (Plus, Chantale’s Reality TV Picks)”

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  2. Hey, I found your blog in a new directory of blogs. I dont know how your blog came up, must have been a typo, anyway cool blog, I bookmarked you. 🙂

    • chantalereve Says:

      Hey, Charise. I’m glad you reached my blog by accident. lmao … I hope you return soon to check out my latest rants, er, articles.

      For example, this week in the Media section of my blog, I time travel in order to defend my life-affirming love for the 1982 New Wave/rap song “Buffalo Gals,” which had the late great Malcolm McLaren at the helm. The funky song kept do-si-doing in my head after a reader from the United Kingdom took issue with my highlighting it, implying that my (Black) Yankee azz should have featured a more representative (read: purist punk) song. My scathing essay shows how he *skipped* a step in his *line* of thought.

      Elsewhere in the Media section this week, I lash out at Alicia Keys’ detractors, who have become especially vicious (no pun intended on Sid, wallernotweller) now that she publicly has announced her pregnancy and her engagement to Swizz Beatz, the soon-to-be baby’s father, who recently was divorced from Mashonda. I give Alicia sista love in my piece while taking the time to whip my slithering locks back at Alicia’s venomous criticizers, hoping that they turn to stone … or go get stoned.

      Stumble this way anytime you wish!

  3. exoduso Says:

    I am reading this article second time today, you have to be more careful with content leakers. If I will fount it again I will send you a link

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