From Argentina, With Love


The entire Sube Azul CD, by a refreshing new indie artist — Argentinian singer-songwriter Sofia Rei Koutsovitis — is the most awesome and authentic Latin jazz experience that I’ve had in months. I admit to being partial to songs that have elements of either tango or flamenco, so my favorite song on Sube Azul is “Imaginaria.”

“Imaginaria” lifts the spirit with mood-elevating dynamics that make me smile and shake what my mama gave me. The flamenco thing that gets brewing about midsong and that picks up toward the end is such a beautiful display of Sofia‘s enviable vocals riding on and through complex rhythms. I’m a big fan of emotive singing, and Sofia doesn’t disappoint here (or anywhere else on the CD).

Sube Azul manages to be eclectic and original, and this chanteuse’s sensual voice makes it all go down smooth. Bravissima!

Copyright © 2010 By Chantale Reve


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